New and Used Tires

Is It Time for Your Tire Replacements?

AMD Tire Shop in Lufkin, TX can handle the job

Even the sturdiest tires don't last forever. Most of them last for more than 6 years, but many don't make it past 10 years. If your tires are reaching the end of their run, you can come to AMD Tire Shop in Lufkin, TX.

We recommend getting tire replacement services when your tires:

  • Wear down to the tread wear indicator
  • Wear down tread in only one area
  • Reach 10 years on the road
  • Make your ride feel bumpy

When the time for tire replacement comes, you can buy new or used tires from our team. Call 936-238-5423 today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Which vehicles do we sell tires for?

It's pretty easy to find new or used tires for your everyday car, but not for big trucks or 18-wheelers. Luckily, we stock tires for standard trucks, big trucks and 18-wheelers. We also provide tires for all makes and models. Ask our team today to find tires for your vehicle.