Something Feels Strange When You Steer

Come to our shop for wheel balancing services in Lufkin, TX

When your car starts drifting to the left or right instead of going straight like expected, you’ve got a problem. Something is likely wrong with your wheels, and ignoring the issue can lead to worse problems down the line.

AMD Tire Shop can help. Our team in Lufkin, TX can check out your car and provide:

  • Wheel straightening services
  • Wheel balancing services
  • Wheel bearing replacement services

Instead of driving while your steering isn’t quite what it should be, call 936-238-5423 now. Our team can make an appointment for wheel balancing services. We also accept walk-ins.

Get new wheels at our shop

When you need to replace your wheels, you can get excellent replacements here. We sell wheels from trusted brands, including Extreme Wheels, Red Dirt Road and Cali Off-Road Wheels. Reach out to our team right away to find out more about wheel replacements or wheel bearing replacements.